sp_WhatsupQueryStore is a Stored Procedure that retrieves all kinds of information from a Query Store enabled database. sp_WhatsupQueryStore is easily configurable and can return a wide variety of Query Store information like:

  • Queries with forced execution plans
  • Query Store configuration
  • Top n queries based on Duration/CPU/IO and nr. of executions
  • Queries that generates multiple plans

Installation and usage

Installation and usage information can be found on the solutions GitHub page: https://github.com/Evdlaar/sp_WhatsupQueryStore. Also, on the GitHub Wiki there is a page with some examples that can help you get started using sp_WhatsupQueryStore: https://github.com/Evdlaar/sp_WhatsupQueryStore/wiki/Examples


You can download the sp_WhatsupQueryStore stored procedure from the releases page on it’s GitHub page here: https://github.com/Evdlaar/sp_WhatsupQueryStore/releases